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Rental Boat Rules and Regulations

Boat renters are subject to all California Boating Laws and the rules set by Success Lake Marina.

If you do not follow the rules, your deposit with NOT be refunded.


Do not have anyone in the water while the engine is running. The most dangerous thing in the lake is your own propellor. 

There is absolutely NO DIVING off of our rental boats. Do not enter the water head first. Feet first only. 

No more than the maximum amount of people are allowed on a boat or kayak at one time. A 10 person patio boat can fit 10 people max. A 20 person boat can fit 20 people max. A fishing boat can fit 3 people max. No more than two people can be on the double kayak, and no more than one person can be on a single kayak. Overloading boats is not only breaking the rules, it also is unsafe, and can cause damage to the motors. 

Life preservers are to be worn by all children under thirteen years of age anytime the boat is moving according to California law. When the boat is not moving, there is no legal obligation for children under thirteen years of age to wear a life jacket. However, Success Lake Marina highly encourages keeping your young ones in life preservers. Use our life jackets as intended. Do not use them as bumpers or as a way to tie things down.

The traffic flow of the lake is counterclockwise. The right side of the boat is closest to the shoreline as you go around the lake. Never go against the flow of traffic.


Since all of our rental boats are slow, you can cut across the lake, but treat it like an intersection and look both ways. Always give the right of way to any boat following the flow of traffic. 

While the boat is moving everyone needs to sit down, there is no standing on the second deck, no hanging of any body parts over the edge of the boat, and the people on the lower deck must be inside the gated area.

Be mindful of the shallow areas of the lake. Do not take the boat into shallow water, do not run over branches or driftwood, and always stay at least 100 feet from the shorelines.

If you need to park the boat to take a break, or load or unload people or items, bring the boat back to the rental dock where you left originally. Do not park the boat anywhere but the rental dock. Public docks are off limits to our rental boats. 

There are no beer kegs allowed on the rental boats. Alcohol is allowed on the boat, but the driver has to be a designated driver. Always follow the law when it comes to alcohol.

No additional gas cans are allowed on the rental boats. You can not fill up any gas tanks from our rental boats. 

Only propane BBQs are allowed on our rental boats. No briquet BBQs, no white gas lanterns or stoves are allowed. If you bring or use a propane BBQ on our boat, make sure it has a grease trap. If any grease gets on the boat or docks, you will have to clean it yourself, or lose your deposit. 

No towing of anything with our rental boats. No towing at all. You can only tie things to the side of the boat when the boat is stopped. Pull up any tied up items out of the water before starting the engine.

Pick up all of your trash on the rental boat and put it into the provided trash bag. When you are done, take the trash bag off of the boat and put the trash bag in the green dumpsters on the shoreline. 

A late charge will be added if the boat is not returned on time. 

Lost or damaged equipment will be charged to the renter

If you require extra equipment like ropes, more life jackets, or even bumpers, please ask the marina and we will provide it if possible. Any extra equipment must be returned undamaged to a marina employee after usage to not incur any extra fees. 

Success Lake Marina is not obligated to give extra time or refunds for any problems with the rental boats. 

Drive safely. Remember, citations can result from violations of the California Boating Laws Codes. Please drive safely, with respect to others. 

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